First Class Adventure in Winterhaven

Two Dogs and a Burial

After camping in the hidden waterfall base of the Kobold Kutthrats, the ACEs planned their next move. Based on information gathered in Winterhaven by Izeku and his brothers, the ACEs decided to head straight for the supposed “dragon burial site,” where their missing Professor Douven Staul might have gone.

The successful excavation seems to have been going on for weeks, as the site was a large crater with the remains of a dragon found in the center. Piles of excavated dirt and rocks were covered by cloth tarps. Several people were on site, but no sign of the Professor. Caelynna declared murderous intent, which seemed to rattle the digging men. Relations were smoothed over with Agrid, the gnome in charge of the guild, who invited the ACEs to have a closer look at the dragon bones.

“Yes, a very good burial. The same as Calarel would want for you, nosy adventurers!” shouted Agrid, as his men and brutish guard dogs (Bony & Stony) charged at the ACEs.


ACEs on-site: Ratchet, Clank, Eagle, Ultron, Morgran, and Dragon

ACEs ported out: Gilliarn, Killera, Caelynna

Dragon was cornered by Stony and one of the pickaxe men, and was knocked out bleeding while trying to escape up the dirt wall of the excavation pit. Eagle made haste to successfully heal his ally.

Ultron uncovered one of the dirt pile cloths and found Professor Douven Staul, bound and gagged.

Morgran climbed out of the site to take care of a halfling who was slinging shots at the party.

Fall of the Kutthroat Kobold Kriminals

Having successfully wiped out the Kutthroat guards and roving sentries, the ACEs discovered that the Kutthroat stronghold lay in a hidden cave behind the waterfall. Three entrances were found.

The ACEs split into three groups. The center group’s task to ascend the waterfall entrance and loudly draw the attention of the Kutthroats so that the others could stealthily infiltrate the lizardly lair.

Even with the surprisingly powerful entrance of a rotund and powerful goblin Bolgram the Fat, the day was eventually won. Although the treasure hoard of the Kutthroats appeared more meager than it should’ve been, a stash of gold and enchanted tools were discovered locked in a chest.

Light in the Darkness

As the adventure begins, the ACEs find themselves traveling down King’s Road east toward the small town of Winterhaven. The road had obviously not been maintained in nearly a hundred years. In the lead was Sara (Eladrin Warlock), closely followed by Michael (Dragonborn Ranger) . Reven (Eladrin Paladin) investigated a line of gravestones on the north side of King’s Road. Brothers Izeku (Human Paladin) and Izuki (Human Paladin) detoured through a southern copse of tree growth. Servando (Dragonborn Fighter) brought up the rear.

Izuki and Reven were interested by fresh claw tracks in the broken road. Servando believed them to be evidence of Kobold brigands in the nearby area. He was soon proved correct as the party was then attacked by those very creatures!

Round 1

Izuki led off the fight, swearing an Oath of Enmity against the closest spear-wielding kobolds. His Bolstering Strike finished the reptilian creature in a single blow.

Reven snuck out from the roadside graves to the Kobolds from the north. She meant serious business, as she dropped her light shield to wield her two-handed crossbow. Although the initial crossbolt missed, it put fear into the hearts of the brigands.

The kobolds in the road threw javelins at the adventurers, however none scored a hit. One of the Kobolds south of a boulder used a sling to throw a firepot at Izuki, but he blocked the attack. The Dragonshield kobolds stayed to the west of the battle, keeping an eye out while the minions fought the frontline.

Servando rushed into the fray, following Reven’s example, aimed his hand crossbow and let fly at the kobolds. The shot sunk into the shoulder armor of the closest bandit, but didn’t draw enough blood to halt the assault.

Sara ran forward to attack the kobolds near Reven, and intimidated them with her longsword.

Izeku pelted the kobold slinger from afar with a forceful Magic Missile, doing damage directly to its chest, nearly bloodying it.

Michael stepped up to support Sara and cut the kobold bandit she was intimidating from chin to gizzard.

Round 2

Izuki swore another Oath of Enmity against the slinger, and attacked with another Bolstering Strike. Dodged, unfortunately.

Reven dropped her crossbow and wielded shortsword with intimidation.

The kobolds rallied to a central point in the road and threw javelins once more, and nearly speared Sara and Michael. One did succeed on scratching Reven by spearpoint for 4 damage.

The kobold slinger flung his last firepot against Izuki, but the Paladin batted it aside with his gauntlet.

The larger kobolds wielding dragonscales as shields moved in to attack the Paladin brothers, but fared no better.

Servando attempted to cleave the kobolds heads from their shoulders, but they were able to shift away from him.

Sara flanked the kobold nearest Servando and attacked a second, running it through with her longsword.

Izeku attacked the kobold slinger, but missed.

Michael struck a mighty blow of his warhammer upward into the chest of kobold minion flanked by his companions, neatly lifting the creature into the air. When it fell, it lay with no breath in its throat.

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