First Class Adventure in Winterhaven

Two Dogs and a Burial

After camping in the hidden waterfall base of the Kobold Kutthrats, the ACEs planned their next move. Based on information gathered in Winterhaven by Izeku and his brothers, the ACEs decided to head straight for the supposed “dragon burial site,” where their missing Professor Douven Staul might have gone.

The successful excavation seems to have been going on for weeks, as the site was a large crater with the remains of a dragon found in the center. Piles of excavated dirt and rocks were covered by cloth tarps. Several people were on site, but no sign of the Professor. Caelynna declared murderous intent, which seemed to rattle the digging men. Relations were smoothed over with Agrid, the gnome in charge of the guild, who invited the ACEs to have a closer look at the dragon bones.

“Yes, a very good burial. The same as Calarel would want for you, nosy adventurers!” shouted Agrid, as his men and brutish guard dogs (Bony & Stony) charged at the ACEs.


ACEs on-site: Ratchet, Clank, Eagle, Ultron, Morgran, and Dragon

ACEs ported out: Gilliarn, Killera, Caelynna

Dragon was cornered by Stony and one of the pickaxe men, and was knocked out bleeding while trying to escape up the dirt wall of the excavation pit. Eagle made haste to successfully heal his ally.

Ultron uncovered one of the dirt pile cloths and found Professor Douven Staul, bound and gagged.

Morgran climbed out of the site to take care of a halfling who was slinging shots at the party.



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